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Meet Lift & Cart.

Caja Robotics’ two types of specialized robots work synergistically to optimize the goods-to-person system. As the Lift robot can reach high and the Cart robot can move fast, each of them is assigned suitable tasks. The robots move bins between workstations and shelves, constantly optimizing inventory management. Our system and robots are designed to support the concept of an Adaptive, Scalable, Responsive system. Different types of robots give us the flexibility in tasks and navigation to achieve the best possible warehouse optimization. Our robots behave as a swarm, with the future path and locations of all robots defined to the resolution of a second.



Advanced robotics

On the warehouse floor, the robots communicate with the back-end wirelessly, using their sensors to learn their location, identify bins, and determine if they are facing problems, obstacles, or self-malfunctions.


4D navigation

Our robots are controlled by cloud-based, decentralized software, running multilayered advanced algorithms. Being controlled by cloud-based software enables our robots to optimize the entire warehouse operation, not just achieve the best results for a specific task. 



For some procedures, there is no advantage for the cloud to control the robots. At these spots, the robots ‘take the wheel’ and operate completely autonomously. When our robots are in the queue for picking, for example, the best results are achieved by the robots using their sensors to manage movements.



As the world of fulfillment centers expands to many verticals, we understand there are different demands for different industries. To fit cooling-based industries, Caja robots are developed with the capabilities to work in different temperature environments.




Caja believes in a system that adapts to the warehouse infrastructure and not vice versa. Therefore, we have developed our robots with the ability to work with different materials and sizes of bins, standard shelves, and existing floors.



In the rapidly changing world of logistics, changes in volume are common, whether due to peak times or changes to the scale of operations. Our cloud-based software allows us the ability to be prepared for this kind of change, and easily adding robots when expanding or during peak times (or vice-versa) has never been easier.



Caja’s system continuously optimizes the warehouse and responds to sudden and unexpected challenges. Caja’s solution works with two types of robots controlled by cloud-based software to enable flexibility and seamless responsiveness to changes in warehouse operations.



Both Lift and Cart are equipped with state-of-the-art safety sensors and mechanisms. The ability of the robots to work without people right next to them, in a sterile environment, further lowers safety risks. Our systems are ISO and fire regulation approved.



Having two types of robots means not all robots need to do all tasks or carry each kind of technology. This way, Caja can lower the overall cost of the robots and ensure better ROI.

Work Process Definition


Horizontal warehouse optimization
Inventory validation


Vertical warehouse optimization

Technical Specifications

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