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Footwear is a fast-developing industry with a wide variety of customers, products niche, and brands. Shoes, boots, sandals, and indoor footwear each have their own big-name brands and all are being sold simultaneously through online and brick-and-mortar stores. Customers have stricter requirements for footwear than for clothing because precise sizing affects comfort. So this market is defined by the need for accurate delivery and large return volume.

Market Characterization

Large volume of returns requiring

Large volume of returns requiring fast and accurate handling

Different size shoeboxes

Different size

Changing demand during peak times

Changing demand during peak times

A huge number of SKUs

Huge number of SKUs for each model


Fast growth of e-Commerce

Multichannel orders in the same

Multichannel orders handled in the same fulfillment center

Rapidly increasing order volumes

Rapidly increasing order volumes

Fast deliveries


Demand for delivery accuracy

Demand for delivery accuracy

Shortage of reliable labor workers

Shortage of reliable warehouse workers

Caja’s solutions

Caja’s solution

Caja Robotics solution is made to futurize your footwear warehouse with ease. We can do that thanks to our adaptive, scalable, and responsive system gives your warehouse

Caja’s solution is optimized for footwear fulfillment center logistics.
The solution is designed for optimization at every step, from the lightning-fast inbound replenishment process that fits multi-sized bins and boxes to the daily tasks that demand synchronizing with pre-installed WMS (Warehouse Management System), while also controlling omni-channels orders, future orders prediction algorithms, and warehouse optimization.

Caja’s footwear goods-to-person picking process keeps delivery accuracy at peak levels, while order returns become fast and simple with WMS synchronization which brings item availability back online quickly.

Our two types of picking Pack-Checks optimize the picking process for both e-commerce and brick-and-mortar footwear fulfillment centers. Our Pack-Checks can even go hybrid.

The bin consolidation process, combined with multi-SKU bins, optimizes storage space.
Caja robotics’ system is elastic and adaptable, allowing for easy and fast expansion of the number of robots during peak times or fulfillment center growth.
Caja’s solution for the footwear market is not just a picking platform, it is an A-Z, full-process solution.

Caja’s solution

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I can’t explain – in words – how excited I am to see this strategy pay off with this large Caja installation.  It will not only benefit the customer but could potentially provide a solution for an entire industry segment.

Drew Eubank

Director of Customer Solutions at AHS

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