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Meeting today’s warehouse automation needs is no easy task.
One of the most important tasks for every fulfillment center, manual or automatic, is the need to get the items from the shelves to the outbound process – and to get there fast. 

In the robotic automation world, there are many solutions on the market, from robots that walk side by side with workers just to help carry the items (COBOT), to heavy automation infrastructures like shuttle systems. Each of the solutions out there aims to shorten the time spent picking and get the order ready faster.

Caja Robotics’ solution aims to perform as fast as possible with minimum infrastructure changes so the logistics of the process meet the warehouse’s demands while providing great ROI.

To achieve great order delivery times without having to spend a lot of money on fixed, non-flexible construction, Caja created its state-of-the-art 4D Nav advanced algorithm, managed by our cloud. Navigating in a dynamic environment and finding routes by seeing the whole picture, and not just sections of it, is nothing less than revolutionary compared to traditional  AMRS navigation.

Getting there fast in the fulfillment world is much more than getting from point A to B, especially when we consider multi-robot systems being used for replenishment, warehouse optimization, picking, consolidation, and many other processes at the same time. Caja’s solution is built to deliver maximum results in the most optimized manner. 

Caja Robotics’ 4D nav

In our 4D navigation system, we consider the two dimensions of the floor and the height of shelves, with time as the fourth critical dimension.

Caja considers the cloud backend as the conductor of the warehouse operations and not only a coordinator. Unlike common solutions for warehouse automation, Caja’s robot navigation is entirely managed by our cloud backend. Instead of giving the robot the route it needs to take from A to B and letting the robot make decisions when it faces a collision with other robots, Caja’s 4D Nav technology predetermines all routes for all robots at every second. That way, it avoids any unplanned loss of speed or even collisions, as it is all taken care of in advance.


4D Nav advantages

4D Nav

Faster sterile

Caja’s robot ‘playground’ is an enclosed and human-free environment, allowing for high speed during both inbound and outbound activity. When the option for unplanned obstacles, such as people, is minimized, our robots can reach much higher speeds. 

4D Nav


Our multi-layered algorithms handle prediction problems that are usually only handled at the research level, such as Multi-Agent Path Finding (MAPF). Caja’s 4D navigation technology brings theory to real life for fulfillment center optimization.
4D Nav


Sending robots on the shortest route and letting them handle collisions using proximity sensors can create deadlock situation. Caja’s 4D Nav predetermines all routes for all robots by considering every robot’s predicted location at every second. 

4D Nav

not short

As time is one of the most important factors in warehouse management, but the right routes are not always the shortest routes. While using the shortest route is the best solution for a single robot, it’s not necessarily the case when using multiple robots. 

4D Nav


When working in such a way that the backend controls, makes decisions, and supervises the robotic navigation in the warehouse, there are almost no exceptions. The simulation of the route chosen will be 100% accurate. 

4D Nav


The 4D Nav enables a unique approach to change.
Local problems– When there’s a pinpoint problem, such as floor damage or obstacles in the way, the 4D Nav technology runs new simulations, avoiding that specific location and choosing new routes with the fastest navigation and minimal changes to the robots‘ instructions.


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