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Our Software

Caja Robotics’ cutting-edge software is what makes its solution stand out in the marketplace.
The robotic fulfillment system, comprised of specialized robots and user-friendly workstations, is controlled entirely by this advanced software.
Our smart AI-powered software architecture enables a solution that is adaptive, scalable, and responsive.


Caja’s Advantage



Thanks to its cloud-based, flexible software, Caja’s robotic system can be installed in almost any warehouse since it adapts to its existing infrastructure. Caja’s software is easily integrated with the customer’s Warehouse Management System (WMS) through documented APIs.


Due to its highly scalable and rapidly deployable modular architecture, Caja’s software enables gradual expansion and
helps cope
with fluctuating demands. This scalability allows customers to change the warehouse layout quickly and easily add parts, sections, or warehouses as needed.


The responsive system maximizes throughput by continuously optimizing the warehouse for existing and predicted orders. This dynamic control software can change its algorithms strategy on-the-go to achieve performance optimization. Caja’s system responds to sudden and unexpected challenges as it easily switches to manual picking and back to robotic picking in a matter of minutes.

Caja Software – Your ASRS System

Caja’s software is responsible for practically every aspect of the warehouse’s operation and optimization. Almost every fleet navigation management decision is made by the software. Advanced, dynamic algorithms control warehouse management and order allocation and prioritizing.



Our software handles fleet management through a unique 4D algorithm, fast robots, and the fastest paths computed in real-time.


software system

Caja’s software has no local network infrastructure and its scalable computational power enables fast changes in robotic warehouse operations.



Advanced trend algorithms optimize inventory and order management. Unique navigation management is enabled by machine learning and orchestrated completely by our software.



Caja’s software is ready to be integrated with the leading WMS systems and is easily customizable with others through documented APIs.


Simulation & emulation

Accurate predictions of the operations can be made by our software – even before a single robot is placed in the warehouse. Caja’s software emulation achieves a complete imitation of a working warehouse by duplicating all the hardware and software features of real robots to a virtual world, which is more accurate than a simulation.


Warehouse optimization

Caja’s warehouse optimization is like no other, with our cloud-based software controlling every aspect and process in the warehouse. Warehouse optimization can be done during the inbound process, picking time, or even off-picking hours.

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