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Swarm Management


Swarm management

Swarm management is a process that continuously happens in a robotic warehouse. It deals with the coordination of multiple robots as one system and includes a vast amount of data to be managed beyond the obvious information of the robots’ locations. Swarm management covers all the data that is part of warehouse optimization, including assigning replenishment, reorganizations, returns, and picking tasks to each robot that is operating in the warehouse.

Caja Robotics’ Swarm Management

With a centralized system, powered by sophisticated algorithms, Caja’s solution is continuously active in both long-range planning and reacting to real-time events, offering immediate results.
This is accomplished through the three main factors of Caja’s swarm management: order management, bins management, and fleet management.
Caja Robotics’ cloud-based software continuously processes a vast amount of data vital for warehouse swarm management. Included in the data that is important to make optimized decisions for the fulfillment process are order clustering options, order priorities, the abilities of each robot, battery charging, order status, charge levels, working load on stations, use of sync/async picking stations, and more.


Caja Robotics Swarm Management Features

Swarm management


Deals with what each robot will do within the larger process.  Variables in fleet management include the type of task (replenishment, picking, shelving, picking, returns, etc.), location of robots, location of the needed bin, task status, charge levels, condition of the robots, and more.
Swarm management


Deals with which order needs to be handled next, and where to bring it. Variables include long-range planning vs. immediate needs, order clustering, workstation loads, open Put-to-Light locations, sync/async options, and more.
Swarm management


Deals with which bins to bring for each order. Multiple bins for each SKU expands the number of options to choose from. Variables for this element include bin location, number of items in the bin, type of task (since some tasks can only be fulfilled by a certain type of robot), and more.

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