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A simulation of a warehouse is a powerful tool. The logistics world uses this tool to mimic the real warehouse operation in a virtual environment. The simulation process can be used before the automatization of the new or existing warehouse, and even during the operation, to predict future warehouse outcomes. This process is important for many reasons. In particular, before the system is installed, it is the best tool to find out whether the automation process will be beneficial, and after installation, it will tell you if there are ways to maximize efficiency even more. 

Caja Robotics’ Emulation vs. Simulation

At Caja Robotics we emulate, not simulate and it is more than just semantics.
Both simulation and emulation try to mimic the real warehouse in a virtual world, but while simulation mimics the basic behavior and configurations of a device, emulation means a complete imitation of the real thing by duplicating all the hardware and software features of a real device to a virtual world. For our customers, this makes all the difference. Instead of just estimating the outcome of several orders, SKUs, etc. that will be collected during the operation, we know exactly how many will occur. Since Caja’s swarm management is conducted by our backend software and not by the robots, we run the same live scenarios as we do for the already operating robotic automated warehouse. For this reason, our emulations are accurate to the second, and by using previous warehouse operation data, warehouse operation begins even before it exists.

Caja’s Emulation advantages



Our system engineers use low-level simulations to continually improve our performance. These are used to better configure our robots’ movements and navigation.


Our backend system controls every aspect of the warehouse operation, including the robots’ location, navigation, bin locations, and more. 


Know your

The real-life emulation means that we don’t estimate how many orders are fulfilled; we know. The backend software does not know that the warehouse doesn’t exist so it runs as if a real robot is operating live in the warehouse. 


Know your daily

Since Caja’s emulation system is a 1:1 re-creation of real life, it is the next best thing to predicting the future. Our customers know the number of orders that will be completed for every second of the day as if it has already happened.


As we emulating the warehouse operation in a virtual world, we can use our AI and machine learning tools to constantly explore warehouse optimization options, from reordering bin locations to diverting specific bins to different types of workstations and even making suggestions for physical changes or additions to the warehouse shelves and workstations to improve efficiency.

Be prepared
for peak times

Caja’s emulation software can predict future needs for peak times. The data is inputted into our system, and the emulator predicts your needs for warehouse peak times. Never get caught off-guard again. With Caja’s powerful emulation tool, you will know exactly how many robots and workstations you’ll need to add to be ready. 


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