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The simplest definition of cloud computing is the practice of storing, managing, and processing data using a network of remote servers hosted on the internet rather than on a local server or personal computer. This sounds like a very simple idea but when first presented, it was groundbreaking.

At Caja Robotics, we are taking cloud computing to the next level for warehouse automation.

Yes, that means there is no need for an on-site server, but it is much more, as we see the cloud as more than just a remote server – we consider it like an orchestra conductor.

The Orchestra Conductor

Unlike common solutions for warehouse automation, Caja’s cloud manages practically everything related to the robots’ movements and actions. If we view the robots, stations, bins, and all physical objects inside the warehouse as an orchestra, then the cloud is its conductor.

As the data, options, and information are centralized in one location, the cloud can keep an eye on the entire picture and can make the best decisions for overall optimization, unlike the robots which each have only a partial image. 


Cloud-Managed System Advantages



With the system’s brain in the cloud, installation is made fast and easy, as all the data can be prepared in advance with minimum integration. 


Elasticity at system

As the system’s brain is in the cloud, installation of the system is very elastic and conducted almost entirely via the web. 


Fast expansion
and contraction

With Caja having a direct connection through the cloud to all aspects of warehouse automation, expansion (like adding an aisle) is made very easy by configurations done only over the cloud. A contraction is just as simple.

No on-site

Forget about having servers on-site and having to take care of them with routine checks. Caja takes that worry off your mind, with no server installations on-site and no need to run periodic maintenance procedures. We do it all ourselves over the cloud.

Changes made

Cut out the waiting times for maintenance teams to arrive. There is almost no reason for the Caja team to arrive at the warehouse to make changes and fixes. This will lower the number of people in your facility and speed up changes.

Different work

Our cloud-based system allows an elastic and dynamic approach to your product. You can choose and change the warehouse configurations and move between Ecommerce, retail, or both. You can even change different order due dates on the fly.

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