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In the logistics world, there is a need for warehouse optimization regardless of whether the warehouse is automatic or manual. The reason for the non-stop warehouse optimization process is that fulfillment centers face many challenges. Some of these challenges include meeting shipping deadlines, reducing order processing times, increasing customer retention rates, improving space utilization, tightening control of inventory, creating efficient picking, reducing order errors, and increasing warehouse safety.

WH Optimization
WH Optimization

Caja Warehouse Optimization

Caja warehouse optimization system is like no other, with our cloud-based software controlling every aspect of warehouse operations. Warehouse optimization is not limited to a specific step of operations. It’s relevant during the inbound process, picking time, and even off-picking hours.

With AI-powered software controlling advanced robotics, there are endless possibilities that can be achieved. The cloud-based software serves as the conductor of the orchestra, synchronizing with the fulfillment center’s WMS, to control the routes, bin location optimization, order prediction, picking stations, consolidations, clustering, and much more.

Caja believes the key is filling the maximum number of orders with the minimum number of bins, moving as fast as possible.

This is done by

WH Optimization


Clustering algorithms help us get the best out of each bin. Dividing orders into groups based on similarities enables maximum SKU sharing between orders at every moment.
WH Optimization

Picking station

Sharing a single order between two or more picking stations doubles the efficiency.
WH Optimization

Sync /

Our two types of picking stations allow time-saving with high volume orders as needed.

WH Optimization

Storage bin

A consolidation of bins is done at the replenishment station. In this process, the Caja system brings partially filled bins from different locations in the warehouse to merge and free up storage locations.
WH Optimization

Prediction of

Caja’s multi-layered algorithm system continuously optimizes robot routes. As the options of pre-determined navigation choices are countless, our learning system keeps going through the robot’s navigation all the time to find a better configuration for the optimized decision, having the entire warehouse in mind.
WH Optimization

Fast moving

Moving fast is possible due to:

a. Dynamic algorithm for predetermined routes choosing the optimal and fastest ones, given all robots’ locations at any moment to the second.

            b. Knowing the route is clear allows the robots to reach higher speeds, as there will be no obstacles on the way
WH Optimization

Bins location

Our two types of robots are continuously organizing the warehouse for better picking times. Our AI-guided software dynamically optimizes the warehouse bin locations based on our order prediction algorithm and current urgent needs, rearranging the warehouse and bringing high-volume orders closer to the picking station. Caja uses different strategies to determine which bin is the best one to pick, such as ABC bin grading by super-position (borrowed from quantum mechanics), while our AI-powered software dynamically chooses the best strategy for the current situation.
WH Optimization
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