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The demand for pharmaceuticals, supplements, and health stores is on the rise as consumers become more focused on living a healthy lifestyle. Like most industries, this market evolved to allow products to be purchased online, as well as in stores. In the pharma industry, even more than others, accuracy and fast order processing are key elements of the logistics process. Industry protocol and specific product requirements, such as controlled access and designated storage, complicate the logistics and increases the costs of warehouse operation.

Market Characterization

A huge number of SKUs

A huge number
of SKUs


Controlled access and handling

Need for flexibility


Different size boxes

The need for efficient space utilization

Rapidly increasing order volumes

High order repetition of leading products

fast growth

The fast growth of e-commerce

Multichannel orders in the same

Multichannel orders handled in the same fulfillment center

Fast deliveries


Large volume of returns requiring

A large volume of returns requiring fast, accurate handling

Shortage of reliable labor workers

Shortage of reliable warehouse workers

Demand for delivery accuracy

Demand for delivery accuracy


Caja’s solution

Caja Robotics warehouse automation solution uses an improved approach for handling the challenges of pharma fulfillment centers – an adaptive, scalable, and responsive system that can handle not only today’s market needs but future changes as well.

Caja’s automation solution is optimized for the pharma logistics world. With specific demands for this logistic application, Caja understands its solution has to be customized to the needs of the industry. Our adaptation is felt all through the warehouse operation process from inbound replenishment through multi-climate storage to the daily tasks that demand synchronizing with pre-installed WMS (Warehouse Management System). Fully managing omni-channels orders, controlled access, future order prediction algorithms, and warehouse optimization. the solution is designed for your pharma fulfillment center optimization. The state-of-the-art goods-to-person picking process keeps delivery accuracy at peak levels with the highest design standards. 

Our two types of picking stations optimize the picking process for both e-Commerce and brick-and-mortar stores.

As the e-Commerce market is tied to peak times and market changes can strongly affect the 3PL industry, Caja robotics’ system is elastic and adapts, allowing for quick and easy expansion of the number of robots during peak times or periods of fulfillment center growth.
Caja’s solution for the Pharma industry is not just a picking platform, it is an A-Z full-process solution.


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Pharma & Health

I can’t explain – in words – how excited I am to see this strategy pay off with this large Caja installation.  It will not only benefit the customer but could potentially provide a solution for an entire industry segment.

Drew Eubank

Director of Customer Solutions at AHS

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