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Advanced Robotics

From Machine to Advanced Robotics

Adv. Robotics

Any machine can precisely repeat predetermined movements and actions but robots can do so much more. The main advantage of a robot over a machine is that it can be programmed to do many tasks, and you do not have to change the robot for every different task. Advanced Robotics is a whole new level of technology. Put together smart, sophisticated sensors, state-of-the-art hardware, and the best that programming has to offer, and you’ve got it. This is what many call today Industry 4.0. In Advanced Robotics, the robot has the ability to understand and react to the environment it is in with the help of AI and machine learning. It is all about flexibility and adaptivity.

Caja Robotics’ Advanced Robotics

At Caja, we are all about Advanced Robotics, as we want to be as flexible and adaptable as possible. Our advanced algorithms software controls warehouse optimization and decides the robots’ missions and routes according to real-time needs (and in the future, through prediction algorithms). The backend communicates wirelessly with the warehouse robots which use their sensors to figure out their location, identify bins, and determine if they are facing a problem, obstacle, or possible malfunction. The combination of our software, hardware, and sensors, allows the robots to act and then react to their surroundings to achieve the best results for the fulfillment process.


Caja’s Advanced Robotics Advantages

Adv. Robotics


Our robots are equipped with best-for-the-task positioning technology: 2D code systems, odometry, inertial navigation measurements through the IMU 6 axis, SLAM (Simultaneous localization and mapping), and LiDAR (Light detection and ranging). Correct positioning of the robot is a key element for working with our back-end software, so the two are constantly communicating with each other wirelessly.

Adv. Robotics


Detecting and identifying objects is a key element of our advanced robotics functionality, and the synergetic collaboration between them and the software’s advanced algorithm and Machine Learning is what makes it look like magic. Advanced cameras gather information, the LiDAR system measures the distances between bins, other robots, and obstacles, and the safety sensors detect any possible problems.
Adv. Robotics

Backend robot

Sending robots on the shortest route and letting them handle collisions using proximity sensors can create deadlock situation. Caja’s 4D Nav predetermines all routes for all robots by considering every robot’s predicted location at every second. When using this kind of route planning, there is no chance for robots to gridlock.

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