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Goods to Person (GTP)

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Good to person (GTP) systems are automated systems which transport bins or items to a picker at the picking station. Goods to person systems instantly reduce walking times and picking errors while simultaneously increasing productivity, picking accuracy and throughput.

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Traditional warehouses use inefficient person-to-good picking models which depend on manual systems to successfully compile orders. Picking paths are calculated by routing logics and inventory needs to get stored on the floor.

Fast market shifts such as e-commerce growth and the rising demand for industry 4.0 increased the number of SKUs rapidly. This forced distribution centers to constantly adapt to new challenges and rethink the traditional person-to-goods fulfillment model. The challenges of modern warehouses are clear:

Be reliable, efficient and fast.

In order to meet the challenges of modern distribution centers, Caja followed the goods-to-person fulfillment approach and developed advanced goods to person systems for worldwide customers.

Our task: Minimize wasted time between picks and increase the number of orders processed per system.

Find suitable solutions for your warehouse with Caja Robotics

Every warehouse is unique! That’s why Caja Robotics follows the approach that developing goods-to-person systems for their customers should always be based on a comprehensive analysis of the internal warehouse picking processes. Therefore we precisely monitor the SKU and DC order activity in order to predispose the warehouse activities over time. To develop accurate and custom good-to-person-systems for warehouses, following variables need an operational assessment:

Total SKUs
Units per order
Lines per order
Packings sequences
Cartons per order
Inbound process
Cycle count

There is no allinone solution which can be integrated seamlessly in every warehouse. An operational assessment enables distribution centers to reveal the need for both an automated goods-to-person solution as well as manual person-to-goods or semi-automated solutions, operating supportive and simultaneous.

the use of 

Goods to Person systems in detail


Client warehouses are unique and deserve the use of customized solutions. For example, with a warehouse that is handling 10,000 SKUs, 90% of those could be fully powered by a highly automated-goods-to-person-system.

But what is with the remaining 10 percent? The remaining 10 percent, may be iteratively ordered units that may be better suited for a more traditional pick method such as a carton or pallet flow rack if the order count is high enough.

This enables the warehouse to place them in a compact area where pick walking is reduced while achieving a high volume throughput. Based on the customers demand, separating iteratively ordered units from slow movers would require less capital for automation while still ensuring high picking rates.

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Caja Robotics goods-to-person systems enable global warehouses to double or triple their picking activity! We help our clients to determine their needs and automate their warehouse with ease.

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