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RetailTech Report by Deloitte – 2022

Nowadays, retailers are facing huge challenges and have to adapt to uncertain times in order to keep a competitive edge. 

This report highlights the Israeli RetailTech ecosystem including innovative startups that can help tackle challenges and enable new growth opportunities within the Retail space.

In this fourth-annual RetailTech landscape, we identify the top technologies that meet today’s business challenges arising from four main trends: #Digital Acceleration, #SupplyChain Resilience, Return to Physical Stores, and Cost Realignment.

caja robotics - RetailTech Report by Deloitte

Caja offers an adaptive, scalable and responsive robotic mini-load ASRS for goods-to-person order fulfillment. The robotic fulfillment system is comprised of advanced software, specialized robots, and user-friendly workstations.

Thankfully, everybody on this list is here to help make their lives easier. 

Learn more in the full release here >

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