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Meet us at Logistics
Summit 2022

Caja Robotics - Logistics Summit 2022 Germany


Thank you to everyone who came by our booth and met with our representatives #Logisticssummit2022.
We hope you’ve gained new insights from Dr. Christian Baur’s Masterclass about the role of AI in powering warehouse automation. See you next year.

Logistics Summit is an important, high value show for market leaders. After a great experience at Logistics Summit 2021, Caja Robotics is proud to participate in the upcoming 2022 exhibition as well.
Join Dr. Christian Baur at Masterclass I where he’ll discuss the role of AI in powering warehouse automation.

Enjoy a € 50 discount on your ticket to Logistics Summit 2022, complimentary of Caja Robotics! Get a discount >

Caja Robotics - logistic summit Germany

Caja’s solution develops and optimizes three critical aspects of warehouse automation: the software, the robots and user-friendly workstations. Our cutting edge technology can be easily implemented, deployed and scaled in any new or existing warehouse.

Caja pushes the vision for the future of warehousing with our deep understanding of warehouse automation and warehouse needs, along with our cloud-based software and advanced algorithms that optimize each step of the process.

If you’re looking to join the warehouse automation wave that is rapidly expanding, you’ll need Caja by your side.

Join us for Caja’s lunch in Germany where you’ll have the opportunity to see a live demonstration of our system and be able to chat with us about the future of warehouse automation.

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