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Logistics Summit in Berlin

We had an amazing time at this year’s Logistics Summit in Berlin! Thank you to everyone who came to meet our on-site representatives and see our #automation solutions in action.

The Logistics Summit is a new convention and exhibit for digitalization and innovation in the logistics sector. The event was held on October 13-14, 2021 at the STATION Berlin venue.

See you at Logistics Summit 2022!

Caja Logistics Summit
Caja offers an advanced goods-to-person system, based on artificial intelligence, that combines software, robots, and workstations. The system can be installed in almost any warehouse, since it adapts to existing facilities and infrastructure.
Caja Robotics at Logistics Summit 2021
The entire system is cloud-based, so the entire operation is managed from the cloud, allowing for scalable computational power and better control. Our advanced algorithms have been developed to optimize inventory and ordering activities, and our fleet management is handled by a unique 4D navigation system that determines the fastest route for the robots, in real-time. With our integration with leading WMS systems, the entire system is user-friendly and easy to use.

Caja Robotics is built to save time and energy for warehouse workers. With 50% of a picker’s time spent walking, the Caja Robotics solution brings the items to them, and the entire system is optimized for maximum efficiency and output. Built for multiple sectors, including apparel, footwear, 3PL, groceries, eCommerce, and others – Caja Robotics will help you futurize your warehouse with ease so you can stay competitive in a quickly changing market. 

Caja Robotics at Logistics Summit 2021

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