Need to optimize your fulfillment center? Here’s how

Need to optimize your fulfillment center? Here’s how

Need to optimize your fulfillment center? Here's how

In the dynamic and fast-paced environment of 3PL and fulfillment centers, automation should be simple, and not require a complete overhaul of a warehouse. At Caja, we believe in flexible automation. Our solution is adapted to our client’s warehouses, and not the other way around. We provide an adaptable, scalable solution that meets the needs of fulfillment centers across verticals.

Caja was founded in 2014 with a deep understanding of the needs of today’s order fulfillment sector and the vision to lead the transition to automated warehouses with smart systems and flexible robotics.

As walking can account for up to 60% of a picker’s time and 30% of warehouse labor costs, fulfillment centers are looking for automated solutions that bring the goods to the picker. Warehouse operations managers want a flexible, adaptable system that can be installed into the given real estate, without the need to change existing infrastructure.

Our advanced goods-to-person solution increases order efficiency, optimizes storage capacity, and improves the workplace environment for employees. We operate across industry segments and different logistics environments, including grocery micro-fulfillment centers, fashion, pharma, and industrial. 

Caja Summit Background

Three Caja Robotics solution:



Our software is the brain of the operations. The cloud-based system includes fleet management, advanced 4D algorithms, and free-path technology for warehouse and order optimization. Plus, it allows for easy and quick integration with existing WMS platforms.



We have two kinds of robots that are designed to fulfill separate, unique missions in the warehouse. The Skyler™ robot handles inbound, warehouse optimization, and the Retail picking station with its ability to handle height operations. The Sprynter™ robot provides fast transport for the eCommerce picking station, speedily traversing across the warehouse floor for horizontal warehouse optimization.



To round out our flexibility, we have two different types of workstations – Retail and eCommerce picking stations which support the dynamic needs of a warehouse. Together, they provide total coverage for all warehouse omnichannel operations.

The Caja Advantage

Fulfillment centers need to be adaptive and responsive to succeed in today’s highly competitive and dynamic eCommerce and retail market. So too, should their automation solution. Caja Robotics provides an adaptive, scalable, responsive solution that meets the needs of each customer and grows with them.

The goods-to-person solution optimizes warehouse operations, including the ability to manage inbound and outbound in parallel, handle a large volume of SKUs, consolidate items and boxes to optimize space, handle reverse logistics and returns, and reduce picking errors. The solution allows flexible planning and deployment to meet the needs of peak days and holidays.

With Caja, fulfillment centers can take full advantage of the latest developments in robotics and artificial intelligence.