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Hardware V&V Engineer


About The Position

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The Hardware V&V Engineer reports to the V&V Manager

he Hardware Verification and Validation (V&V) Engineer is responsible for defining and executing test plans for all aspects of hardware product V&V and providing documented reports of the V&V.

At Caja Robotics, Verification refers to all aspects of product testing done at Caja. Verification is often referred to in Caja as “QA”, i.e. Quality Assurance. However, this refers to product development quality assurance only.

Validation refers to all external testing such as regulatory compliance, and the testing of interfacing and compatibility with other systems in the Caja solution.

The primary roles of the Hardware V&V Engineer are as follows:

·      Defining and executing product verification test plans, based on verification test plans created by others and/or in coordination with the Hardware V&V engineer

·      Defining and executing product regulatory testing using the services of external test labs

·      Contributing to product design efforts in order to make designs testable and suitable for regulatory certification

·      Writing test reports and bringing them for discussion to wider forums

·      Managing bugs and track resolution with the development team: documented, classified, assigned for resolution and followed up.

·      Ensuring that relevant regulatory certification reports and certificates are received


- University degree in electronics or mechanical engineering Experience

-  At least 3 years’ experience in machine design and development

- At least 5 years’ experience in machine testing, with machines that incorporate electronic controls

-  At least 3 years’ experience with experience in machine regulatory compliance

-  Preference given to candidates with knowledge of software engineering and software testing methodologies

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