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SW and System QA Manager

Binyamina · Management

About The Position

·      Reports To : Quality Manager

The SW and System QA Manager is responsible for all aspects of our multi-disciplinary product verification and validation. The end goal is to ensure that our products work as expected when they are released to customers or to manufacturing.

At Caja Robotics, Verification refers to all aspects of product testing done at Caja. Verification is often referred to in Caja as “QA”, i.e. Quality Assurance. However, this refers to product development quality assurance only.

Validation refers to all external testing such as regulatory compliance, and the testing of interfacing and compatibility with other systems in the Caja solution.

“Products” refers to both complete products and to software features and versions.

Primary Roles

The primary roles of the V&V Manager are as follows:

·     Create product verification and validation test plans, both SW and HW and manage the tests execution

·     Leading the Hardware and Software verification (test) teams

·     Ensure that a documented V&V infrastructure is created, maintained, and improved

·     Manage regulatory requirements and compliance

The V&V Manager has the following direct reports:

- - Software QA team leader

- Hardware validation engineer


-Academic degree in relevant domain

- At least 5 years of experience in multidisciplinary and complex product testing including manual and automatic SQA

- At least 3 years’ experience in managing a V&V or SQA team

- At least 3 years’ experience in product regulatory compliance

- Preference given to candidates with experience in engineering product development

- Preference given to candidates with knowledge of software engineering and software testing methodologies

-    Ability to work independently and methodically, to take charge of assignments, and to bring them to successful completion and having proper documentation

-     Ability to communicate effectively with people in the organization, including to make presentations to company management

-    Positive attitude, non-confrontational

-     Ability to communicate in English and Hebrew at a high level: reading, writing, and speaking. (All company documents are in English and are expected to be at a high level.)

-   Self-motivation

-    Proven experience with Microsoft Office tools, primarily WORD, Excel and Outlook

-    Willingness to learn and openness to ask questions

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