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Logistics_Summit 2022 Germany

Caja Robotics at Logistics Summit 2022

 5-6 October | Hamburg, Germany

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Apparel & Footwear
Apparel and Footwear

Our apparel and footwear solution supports multi SKU bins, handles different sized boxes and makes returns easy and simple. With picking stations optimized for both eCommerce and retail operations in the same warehouse, you’ll enjoy a fast replenishment process, an accurate picking process, and easy bin consolidation.

Caja’s goods-to-
person robots 

Caja’s solution is comprised of two types of robots: a Lift robot for storage optimization and replenishment, and a Cart robot for picking and fast transportation of boxes.

The system is powered by cutting-edge cloud-based software that uses advanced algorithms, artificial intelligence, and machine learning for fleet management, inventory optimization, and simulation.


Caja’s AI-powered warehouse automation

A large part of warehouse automation is the ability to configure hundreds of algorithms in parallel, we use AI to make the tough decisions and accurately calculate the machines’ next move.

Caja’s system learns its clients’ warehouse operations from end-to-end, including inbound and order fulfillment, inventory and much more, and uses AI to best route the robots, optimize traffic, orders and tasks, and bring the warehouse to its maximum efficiency.

Cutting-edge cloud-based
software system

Cloud-based software
Our software controls the entire operation of the system and is based in the cloud. This allows scalable computational power and better control of the automated warehouse.
Swarm Management
Our fleet management is handled by advanced algorithms. A unique 4D algorithm determines the fastest route in real-time.
Advanced algorithms
Advanced trend algorithms optimize inventory and ordering activity, along with their priority and grouping. Unique navigation management is enabled by machine learning and AI.
WMS Integration
Caja’s software is ready to be integrated with any WMS system using simple, user-friendly APIs.

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